Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ShishuWorld is a journey of a Mom with her baby. The idea was born while expecting my baby. I realized that  there were no good parenting sites meant for Indians and South Asian community. The ones that were there had either become too evolved that they looked jaded and losing the point or new ones just didn't have good enough content. They looked as if being written commercially and not from a mum's point of view.

In this site, we try to balance all the modern info that is available to us now along with the traditional wisdom that has been passed down to us by our mothers and grandmothers. We also look to create a corner where we can get info to teach our kids not just rhymes and stories, but also dohas and prayers which were taught to us by our parents and which formed the foundation of our Indian values. Not just that, we look to create a corner for kids by publishing original stories and rhymesin Magic box.

Recipe corner is where you can find recipes for your babies and toddlers. The site has been up for over a year now, is growing by the day and is getting fantastic response .